Real Inspiration From Real Homes

Welcome to PIY Magazine, where we provide real inspiration from homes that actually exist.


Do you ever flip open a home or design magazine and just stare at the wonder that are these amazing rooms and places?  And then wonder to yourself, how in the world are you ever going to achieve that?  Well, here at PIY Magazine, we like to show you designs that are actually achievable and most definitely possible.  We’re not here to shove designer sofas and expensive Arabian carpets down your neck.  Instead, we want to provide you with furniture and designs you can actually afford and gain access to.

We want everyone to be able to achieve their dream home, and we want to make sure you can do it at a low cost.  We’ll give you tips on designs for cozy or spacious rooms as well as style tips on how to save or make any changes or renovations to your current rooms.  So no more of wanting the unattainable because we’re here to make your dream home happen!

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