Build Your Dream House On A Budget

Have you always wanted to build your dream house but always held back because you thought it would cost you a fortune?  Well, here’s your chance because I’m going to show you how to build your dream house on a budget.

It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg for you to make your dream house come true.  Sure, there are people out there that are fortunate enough to hire decorators and interior designers to do all the work and just end up with the finished product.  However, if you put time and effort into renovating or even building your house, you will be the one to make sure that all the details put forth are accurate.  You’ll be there every step of the way, and in the end, you’ll end up with a finished product that you’ve created yourself.  How do you think that would feel to accomplish a task so big and then be able to live in it after?  You guessed it – amazing.

To start, make sure that all the foundation is laid out properly.  You might want to hire a contractor to make sure everything is correct and safely laid out.  Remember, every house starts with a foundation so make sure that you’re doing it right.  Next, depending on if you’re renovating or completely building a house from scratch, make sure your blueprints are accurate and you’re satisfied with the remodel or build.  After the reno/build, comes the fun part – decorating!  Most of your inspirations of your dream house will depend on the design and furnishings of your house.  Instead of hiring someone to install granite countertops and new cabinets, do it yourself.  There are a ton of manuals online and articles on the Internet that you can find to give you step by step information on how to install these things along with installing appliances, plumbing, electricity, etc.  When you’re finished installing everything, give yourself a break.  You’ve done an amazing job and it’s almost done!


Next up is painting.  Now, some of you might already know, but a great paint job just might make or break your house.  Test out colours before purchasing buckets of paint.  Because the paint job is so important, you might want to find commercial painting in Toronto area.  They can help you out a lot and you can take a mini break from your inner contractor.  After the paint job is finished, you can start decorating.  For shelving of closets, go check out IKEA for custom closets or even build your own shelves by finding the right materials such as wood and metal rods.  For furniture, there are many local stores that have great, unique pieces at a lower cost.  Skip the fancy furniture stores and opt for more research online and in boutiques.  If you’ve got the time, the right piece will be sure to show up one day.  As for textiles, try shopping in outlet malls as well as wholesale stores.  The prices will be a lot lower but you’ll still get the same high quality as shopping in the regular store.

To sum it all up, hard work and time will get you your dream house.  It really depends on how much work versus money you want to put into this project.  Typically you want to hire someone to make sure the foundation is set properly as well as the structure of the house.  If you feel like hiring a painter in the GTA to help you out on paint jobs, go ahead because the colours of your home is very important.  After that, spend your own time installing appliances, cabinets, and other interior home aspects.  Then the fun part comes as you get to shop for furniture, textiles, and whatever else you feel is missing.  Just remember that it takes time and effort and the more time and effort you have, the more your house will turn into your dream home.